Leader of "Reforms and order" party Serhiy Sobolev (BYuT) has headed the opposition government. BYuT leader Yulia Tymoshenko introduced him as the head at the briefing on Wednesday.

According to her, Soolev is a specialist with two diplomas - of lawyer and historian, speaks English and has an experience of parlamentary work. Tymoshenko also informed that the government would consist of 16 ministries.

Deputy head of BYuT Serhiy Sobolev is calling on Ukrainian political opposition groups to unite in order to defend the country from anti-democratic forces headed by Viktor Yanukovych.

"The signing of the opposition agreement is a great start towards the unification of those political forces that won’t allow political and economic revenge under President Yanukovych," Serhiy Sobolev said.

People’s Self-Defense leader Yuriy Lutsenko stressed that the new ruling team has taken control not only of presidential power, but the government, majority in the Verkhovna Rada, Security Service of Ukraine, internal affairs bodies, prosecutor’s office and central television channels.

"The concentration of power in the hands of one group is dangerous for any democratic country. With this being in the hands of Viktor Yanukovych and the Party of Regions this danger increases several times. The only way to counter it is by uniting all the opposition parliamentary groups into a single factional opposition group," Yuriy Lutsenko believes.

On March 16, representatives of eight opposition groups signed an agreement on creating a united parliamentary opposition and coordinating council.

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