BYuT faction has announced about going in opposition and creating oppositional government, BYuT faction leader Ivan Kyrylenko made a statement in the parliament.

He noted that BYuT faction does not share the position of the coalition, formed out of Constitutional norms and with violation of current legislation. Kyrylenko said that BYuT is waiting for the decision of the Constitutional Court.

"We are forming oppositional government, the government of the future, and we deliver the corresponding protocol to the presidium," he said.

In her turn leader of the united democratic opposition Yulia Tymoshenko declared that the lack of a deputy mandate won’t prevent her from vigilantly controlling the activities of Viktor Yanukovych’s team.

"Whether I’m there or not [in parliament], they should know that my spirit will always be present and it will never allow them to do what they have planned with Ukraine," Yulia Tymoshenko said.

"I don’t know what their fantasies are. I will manage the faction, party and bloc, and do everything to ensure that our team is vigilant."


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