MPs from BYuT and Our Ukraine have appealed to the Constitutional court of Ukraine regarding the amendmends to the parliament regulations on formation of coalition, according to which coalitions will now be able to recruit individual deputies, where before they could only recruit parliamentary factions. BYuT MP Roman Zabzalyuk told ForUm.

"The amendments to the regulations are not consititutional. The appeal has been already delivered to the Court. Representatives of BYuT and Our Ukraine factions will represent the interests of normal constitutional Verkhovna Rada," he said, in particular.

"The MP does not exclude another appeal to the Supreme Administrative Court of Ukraine. "Now we are discussing a possibility to appeal to the Supreme Court as well. It is clear that they are trying to form unconstitutional majority with individual participation. And if the Court makes proper decision, then early parliamentary elections will be announced," Zabzalyuk explained.


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