The goal of new security policy of Ukraine is to become an inseparable chain of future united Europe. The head of International Fund “United world” Eduard Prutnyk said opening the international conference in Berlin, ForUm’s correspondent reported.

“Ukraine is a European country with huge industrial, technological, agrarian and transit potential. The model of All-European security system is simply impossible without Kyiv,” Prutnyk said.

In addition, Prutnyk noted that the main challenge for Ukraine is to find its place and role in the architecture of future Europe.

“New security situation, which is being formed in the world, leaves less ‘opportunity windows’ for young states, which opinion was not taken into account while making the historical decision in Helsinki in 1975. It’s time to take into account aspirations and interests of almost 20 new states, and I think that Ukraine must become an initiator of this movement,” he underlined.

According to the fund head, the conference should initiate an address to presidents of US and Russia with a request to choose Ukraine’s capital as the place of signing the agreement on limited strategic offensive-dominated arming.

“Now we observe ‘rebooting’ of American policy in the world, which means cooperation with Russia and China; geopolitical influence of Old Europe increases; president of Russia Dmitriy Medvedev suggests forming All-European security system from Atlantics to Pacific ocean,” Prutnyk added.

In his speech Prutnyk also told about a necessity to get rid of “personal narrow-mindedness and prevailing political wind.”

“The world is in constant motion, and we control this motion. We must get rid of personal narrow-mindedness and prevailing political wind. I believe that none of us depends on history or nature. We are the history and nature! We can save the world from war, hatred and ignorance. We can wipe out the borders separating human races, rich and poor. As Sakharov once said, unexampled situations demand unexampled solutions. And if we think and talk about this, it means that we can fulfill this,” he summed up.

Note: An international conference “Role of Ukraine in new European structure,” organized by International fund “United world” (Ukraine) and German council on international relations (DGAP), has opened today in Berlin. The event is held to give a room for international discussions on basic principles of new relations between Ukraine and Europe.


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