BYuT will use all available tools in parliament to prevent the law that would change parliamentary regulations allowing non-faction deputies to form a coalition from being adopted.

"We will use all means allowed by parliament to not allow this, because Ukraine is one step away from totally illegitimate power because of Viktor Yanukovych’s dizzying victories," said BYuT MP Ostap Semerak, according to Tymoshenko's official website.

The deputy recalled that the Constitution of Ukraine outlines a clear procedure whereby coalitions are formed by factions. "And we shouldn’t deviate from this. If someone tries to violate democratic norms – we won’t allow this," he emphasized.

Ostap Semerak underscored that BYuT has announced it has gone into opposition. "As our leader Yulia Tymoshenko said, Viktor Yanukovych’s days of relaxation have come to an end – playing tennis and golf twice a day, as he told journalists, and we will control all the activities of the new government. These changes to the regulations are unconstitutional," he noted.

As reported, on March 4, parliament, with 299 votes, passed in the first reading a bill that would introduce changes to parliamentary regulations allowing individual deputies to join a parliamentary coalition

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