Yulia Tymoshenko has said she is willing to acknowledge her mistakes and work on correcting them.

"If a politician doesn’t learn to recognize his mistakes, he will never move forward. I’m willing to recognize my mistakes, and work on fixing them. I think that every person who wants to grow and develop must recognize their mistakes and take this into account in the future," Yulia Tymoshenko said last night on the Ukraina channel.

She also noted that even life’s greatest challenges didn’t make her vindictive. "At times it’s hard to hold back, but then I think – what’s the point? To waste time on all these battles and infighting?"

Yulia Tymoshenko recalled that when she became prime minister in 2005 she didn’t take reprisal against her opponents despite being bullied. "There were times when my mother would bring 50 care packages to jail, because the repressions weren’t just against my friends, family members and closest friends, but the friends of my friends…They thought this was the only way to destroy me. I have no sense of revenge and bitterness because I don’t want to waste my energy on such things," she said.

However, she believes that everyone, regardless of their status, should be held liable for breaking the law. "If there is a Prosecutor General’s Office and fair courts, which unfortunately there aren’t in Ukraine, then those who steal from Ukraine should be held responsible. I will return to this. But this isn’t within the competency of the prime minister or opposition, but the Prosecutor General’s Office."

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