Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovych has said he is satisfied with the results of his meetings with the leaders of the European Union, during which the sides outlined joint ways of resolving numerous problems, as well as agreeing concrete terms for their solution. 

"I'm completely satisfied with the current position of the European Parliament and the European Commission, in that we outlined concrete steps and are implementing them together. We're taking decisions jointly and we'll implement them jointly," he told reporters in Brussels on Monday, after meeting with European Parliament President Jerzy Buzek, according to presidential press office.

Yanukovych said that in relations with the EU, he had always been a supporter of talking less, but doing more.

"The difference between Euro-pragmatism and Euro-romanticism lies in this," he said.

Yanukovych also said that Ukraine's European integration and the holding of reform required for this could become a factor that will unite all Ukrainians.

"For us, European integration is, first and foremost, the implementation of reforms for the sake of improving living standards in the country... This will be a uniting factor that will give a chance and hope to move towards integration with Europe," he said.

Speaking about concrete steps in Ukrainian-EU cooperation, Yanukovych pointed to hopes to introduce a visa-free regime between Ukraine and EU countries, the creation of a free trade area, and the European Union's support in tackling the consequences of the economic crisis.


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