Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko is confident that the democratic forces in parliament will not make a deal with their own conscience and enter a coalition with the Party of Regions.

"I’m confident that such leaders as Kyrylenko, Kostenko, Karmazin, Lytvyn, Lutsenko, Katerynchuk, Stretovych, including Yushchenko, will firmly hold on to their position to defend Ukraine and everything Ukrainian. I’m confident that these leaders under no circumstances will betray their ideology and convictions and enter a coalition with the Party of Regions," Yulia Tymoshenko said today in opening the cabinet session, according to official wesite.

She once again emphasized that under no circumstances will her political force be part of an "anti-Ukrainian coalition" with the Party of Regions.

"To give a monopoly of power and absolute dictatorship to anti-Ukrainian forces headed by Yanukovych would be to desert Ukraine in the most difficult time of tests," she explained.

According to the Prime Minister, the political situation in Ukraine has shown it is time for the moment of truth: "for whom Ukraine and a real fundamental strategy for country is important. Preserving and consolidating independence, preserving and consolidating everything that is national, and strengthening our self-identify will be a good test for those for whom this is important, and for those for whom it is not."

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