The Party of Regions claims it's better for the country if Yulia Tymoshenko resigns without  unnecessary fuss. If she had done it two years ago, when nonviable coalition, existed only on paper, was declared, then the country would have time to get out from the abyss pushed into by the populist and unprofessional policy of the present prime minister, the statement of the party's press office says.

A new wave of PR incited by Tymoshenko regarding her resignation is nothing else but another attempt to draw attention to herself in order to manipulate public opinion. Tymoshenko should honestly and openly declare her intention to resign, not hiding behind the back of her accomplice. But her real goal is not resignation. She aspires to revolt the country again pursuing her own ambitions and whims, to play on emotions and feelings of people in order to retain in office of the government head as long as possible.

Unfortunately, at this difficult time Tymoshenko did not manage to prove herself as a policy maker responsible before the country and people. It turned out that she is responsible only before her own ambitions and hang-ups. She keeps on taking the citizens and state as hostages of her narrow-minded private problems. Thus, as a politician Tymoshenko has no prospects. That is why people have not supported and will never support her.

And the sooner she leaves the political stage, the sooner the renewal of Ukrainian economy and the whole state mechanism starts, the sooner profound and systemic reforms, which will lead Ukraine out of crisis, will be launched.

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