Newly elected President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych in an interview to “1+1” TV channel claimed that he assumes the possibility of Tymoshenko’s voluntarily resignation from the post of prime minister, party's press office reported.

"Tymoshenko has already understood that she has no prospects to work as prime minister. That is why I suppose that she will make this step herself, - he said and noted thereafter that now it does not matter how the resignation of present prime minister takes place - voluntarily or by a Verkhovna Rada resolution," he said.

"It will happen very soon," he underlined.

Answering the question concerning the first steps of President Yanukovych, Viktor Fedorovych said that he plans to start fulfilling all his promises. A new coalition and government will become tools for this purpose.

"And we will move step by step further on. People will soon see that an effective power is starting to work in the country," he is convinced.

As for setting up of a new coalition, Yanukovych informed that the active phase of negotiations will start next week, virtually from Monday. “We are conducting negotiations with all factions in parliament without exception”, he said and then added: “If MPs lack wisdom, there will be pre-term elections, there will be a new coalition and life will go on. But I am convinced that this parliament will consolidate and work.”

Newly elected President of Ukraine also said that this coalition “will be set up for a new premier, and we are likely to see this personality already next week”. Yanukovych is considering three candidacies for the post of the Prime Minister of Ukraine. The proposal to head the government may be made to businessman Serhiy Tihipko, ex-speaker Arseniy Yatseniuk, or to Mykola Azarov, one of the Party of Regions' leaders.

"The final choice will be made later, in the course of formation of a coalition of parliamentary factions at Verkhovna Rada," Yanukovych said.

" Who will prove to be the strongest of them, around whom MPs will unite, is not difficult to predict, but let us see,” he summed up.

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