President Victor Yushchenko is convinced that responsibility for changes in Ukrainian authorities' position on the most sensitive issues of internal and external policy lies exclusively upon the new President and his voters.

At his today's press conference he said that the change of political course that has occurred does not contribute to protection of Ukraine's interests and that these changes are not surprising as they have been publicly told about for years.

First of all President Yushchenko reminded about the the idea to extend the deployment of Russia's Black Sea Fleet in Crimea. "In my opinion this is a colonization policy. In addition this policy contradicts the Constitution", he said and called the presence of Black Sea Fleet in Ukraine destabilization factor.

He also critically assessed prospects of Ukrainian gas transport system's participation in an international consortium. "Is this not the right of the nation, the state's right to conduct this continental project and benefit from it? What the consortium will give us? Direct financial losses for Ukraine; a few billion dollars yearly losses", he said.

"This policy does not aim to protect national interests", said President Victor Yushchenko.


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