Presidential candidate and Regions Party leader Viktor Yanukovych, who won the February 7 run-off presidential election in Ukraine according to preliminary results, has said in an interview with CNN that any decisions he makes as president will be in the national interest of Ukraine, not Russia.

He said that he would not do the bidding of Russia while he is president of Ukraine, and added he is not a Kremlin stooge.

His policy, Yanukovych said, "would be a policy based on mutual interest and good relations with both Russia and the European Union."

"I will do everything to revive relations with Russia and make them mutually beneficial so that they meet the interests of the Ukrainian and the Russian people," he said.

"I will also build the mutually beneficial relationship with Europe," Yanukovych added.

He said that his priority with Russia would be to focus on stable energy supplies. With the EU, Yanukovych said, he wants to take steps toward a free trade agreement and bring European standards of living to Ukraine.


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