Yulia Tymoshenko has decided not to recognize the victory of Victor Yanukovych at the presidential election. Her position she announced at the BYUT fation session Monday evening.

According to a source, Tymoshenko said: "I will never recognize legitimacy of Yanukovych's victory with such election." She charged her lawyers with a task to get ready for appeal of the election results.

As one of possible variants Tymoshenko also named the conduct of the third tour of  election.

According to the source, a part of BYuT members, headed by vice-speaker Mykola Tomenko, calls to recognize the victory of Yanukovych and to go in opposition.

However, there were some opinions to fight for Tymoshenko's victory.

According to 99.58% of processed protocols, Yanukovych got 48.83% of votes, while Tymoshenko – 45.59%.

Ukraine awaits Tymoshenko’s next move

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