The Committee of Voters of Ukraine has not registered massive fraud that could distort the presidential election returns, the CVU said in a statement, UKRINFORM reported.

The committee states that the election runoff was 'more tight and tense' compared to the first round.

"The electoral framework was characterized by a high level of colliding in the work of commissions, contradictive and mutually exclusive decisions of the Central Election Commission (CEC) and courts, conscious provocations on behalf of the candidates' campaign offices intended to break the electoral framework or delay the tally," reads the statement.

Meanwhile, the CVU has registered no massive and systemic vote rigging that could modify or distort the vote.

According to the committee, massive and most systemic phenomenon was the application of technologies aimed at mobilizing own electors - arrangement of massive delivery of voters to ballot stations; inclusion into electoral lists based on a decision of precinct election commissions; attempts of voting by electors or commission members instead of other people.

"However, these technologies were used in various regions by campaign offices of both candidates that is proved by actually equal voter turnout in eastern and western regions," the CVU says.

The CVU recommends the candidates' parties and campaign offices to refuse from pressuring commission members and courts, 'not to apply destructive scenarios of influencing the tally'.

"Election returns at polling stations and in whole can be appealed only if there are sufficient and reasoned proofs. The Central Election Commission (CEC) must release official election returns in the shortest possible time," the CVU says in the statement.

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