Former presidential candidate Serhiy Tihipko states that Yulia Tymoshenko's offer is more promising than Viktor Yanukovych's proposal, he said commenting on the results of his negotiations with the two politicians, National radio reported.

According to him, Yulia Tymoshenko openly suggested to support her, so that there was some kind of joint action program which she is ready to adopt. Serhiy Tihipko specified that the Prime Minister position is offered to him immediately after the election, while Yulia Tymoshenko is confident in her ability to shape parliamentary majority.

Regarding negotiations with the Party of Regions head Viktor Yanukovych, Serhiy Tihipko confirmed that it was about possible early elections. He said that Tymoshenko offers more, than just to dissolve the Parliament. Serhiy Tihipko once again reiterated his position that before the second round he does not intend to support neither Viktor Yanukovych, nor Yulia Tymoshenko.


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