European Parliament observer Rebecca Harms has said that she has no grounds to believe that manipulations were orchestrated in the presidential election in Ukraine, Germany's international broadcaster Deutsche Welle reported.

She said that the heads of territorial district commissions monitored the situation and sealed ballot boxes in line with all rules.

"What I've observed is most likely the evidence of fair and transparent elections. I have nothing to complain of. The vote was prepared very nicely here in Kyiv," Harms said.

She also said that there had been no complaints from other European Parliament observers.

"If all international observers confirm that the election was democratic, then all candidates should recognize the results so that the second round is held in line with the rules of the game," Harms said.

"Ukraine and its citizens have got closer to the West and the EU over the last five years," she said.

International monitors headed by the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe also said that Ukraine's presidential election on Sunday was of high quality and showed significant progress on previous polls there, .

But the law on electoral procedure needed to be clarified and a last-minute court ruling on home-voting, plus "unsubstantiated" accusations of large-scale fraud by politicians, had shaken public confidence, a statement said.

Apart from the OSCE itself, the team of observers included monitors from the European Parliament, NATO parliamentary assembly and the Council of Europe.

"Ukraine has proven that it can hold a clean election, even under an incomplete and unclear election law, confirming the desire of the Ukrainian people to freely choose their leaders," Matyas Eorsi, head of the delegation of the Council of Europe's Parliamentary Assembly said.

"However, a major challenge ahead for Ukraine's politicians is to play by the rules rather than with the rules," he said.


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