President Viktor Yushchenko met with regional governors and leadership of law enforcement authorities, presidential press office reported. At the meeting sides have discussed organization of vote at 2010 presidential election.

"We must ensure democratic voting on the day of election of the President of Ukraine and protect honest and objective results of this vote. We must do everything to prevent abuse, fraud or unrest on the day of election", said Victor Yushchenko opening the meeting.

He named some obstacles to that. The first was current election legislation, which contains a number of unconstitutional rules and offers opportunities for electoral fraud. Victor Yushchenko pointed out that it is unfortunate that today the Parliament failed to make changes to the election law and used the issue for PR. "The law that had been adopted and later disputed by the Constitutional Court, remains unchanged. And that provides background for disrupting Ukrainian election at many-many polling places through war of courts”, he said.

The President also pointed to inadequate financing of the campaign. According to him the lack of funding resulted in failure to create full electronic voters' register. Therefore the allowed addition of persons to the lists at polling places on the voting day may become one of main sources of electoral fraud.

Victor Yushchenko urged local authorities to facilitate the work of polling places in every way.


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