President Viktor Yushchenko thinks there are currently three major obstacles to holding fair and transparent elections: legal, financial and organizational, he said at his press conference, presidential press office reported.

Speaking about legal obstacles the President reminded that the Constitutional Court had determined that around 13 provisions of the law on presidential elections were fully or partially unconstitutional.

"Amendment of the legislation in accordance with recommendations of the Constitutional Court has become the main task of the Prime Minister of Ukraine as leader of the majority. To date, the Constitutional Court’s requirements are not fulfilled. So, apparently, in legal interpretation, we have a big problem, beginning with election commissions and to ballots and voting at home”, he said.

Regarding the issue of financing the elections, the President noted that Ukraine has not yet experienced the situation, when the election was underfinanced by more than a half just several days before its start. "I now once again appeal to the Prime Minister of Ukraine to ensure proper financing of the election", he said.

President Yushchenko particularly emphasized the importance of journalists’ mission in holding fair and independent election. In his opinion, it is the media and observers (including international), who can guarantee the impartiality of the electoral process. "I have appealed to the European institutions to increase the number of international observers, and I am grateful to the European institutions, for their positive response", said Yushchenko.

"The whole process of election and vote-counting should go on under your close observation. I gave the order to law enforcement authorities to cooperate with you as closely as possible, though the Interior Minister today has became a party propagandist", the President said, addressing journalists. In this regard Yushchenko reminded officers of local police departments that they had sworn not to their leadership but to the people of Ukraine.


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