Ukraine's President Viktor Yushchenko considers Government’s irresponsible attitude to financial problems of Naftogaz Ukraine unacceptable, he said in interview with British The Sunday Telegraph and Spanish El Mundo.

According to the President, the gas giant is in a difficult situation for many reasons, but the main two are the unwillingness of the Government to raise domestic gas prices before the election, and the inability of the Prime Minister to defend fair contract for the supply and transit of gas before Gazprom.

"Tymoshenko’s Gas Policy is the most inadequate since independence. It is not just populism, it communism squared. Even the communists did not allow that. Buying for more and selling for less is nonsense. Ukraine cannot buy gas by the highest prices in Europe and provide transit by the lowest, and not increasing domestic price in addition to that. This is a direct path to depletion of Naftogaz resources and following complete destruction of it. The purpose of this policy is giving up Ukrainian gas transport system, giving up national interests for political preferences. I will not allow that", said Yushchenko.

During the interview the President has also talked about the political situation in Ukraine before the elections, the achievements of the state since the Orange Revolution and the relations between Ukraine and Russia.


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