BYuT has assured that the law amending the presidential election law will be adopted by parliament no later than Thursday, December 24.

"I am confident that the presidential elections bill, which we have already prepared, will be voted on December 24. We have more than 240 votes and do not need consensus with the Party of Regions. BYuT, the Lytvyn Bloc and even all of OU-PSD will vote for this bill," BYuT deputy and chairman of the parliamentary committee on legal policy Serhiy Mishchenko said today.

He explained that the pro-presidential part of OU-PSD will vote for the bill because the document takes into account all proposals, including the President’s, that rule out the possibility of election fraud - disallowing changes to the voter lists less than two days before the vote, standardized procedures for voting at home, as well as the procedure for the transport of ballots.

Serhiy Mishchenko hopes that the President will not veto this law. "We will pass it so that the election takes place without abuse, although the Party of Regions is blocking this process in every way," added the people's deputy.

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