Yulia Tymoshenko, the Prime Minister of Ukraine and one of the presidential runners, says she does not regret for supporting Viktor Yushchenko in the previous presidential elections, she said Thursday for Ready to Answer TV show on Ukraina TV Channel.

"...can't say today that it was a mistake. The mistake was the whole policy after the president became the president. But even today, if it is necessary to help Ukraine and make some decisions, I am ready for consolidation both with the President and other parliamentary forces - for the sake of Ukraine,"she said.

According to the Prime Minister, her relations with Yushchenko have always been somewhat clouded. "We have never been a single political force, we have always belonged to different political forces, but being in absolutely different political camps in terms of party identification, I was always trying to do my best to support Ukraine," Tymoshenko explained, National radio reported.

The Ukrainian Premier also emphasized that she had not run for presidency in the previous elections not because of lack of support among people. "I did it only for uniting all efforts of the people of good will and try to win at oligarchy. This was my goal. I lent my shoulder, I laid my hands...In fact, I held the election campaign for the President," Tymoshenko underlined.

"I think there was no other way out at that time but to unite against oligarchy. We had no other opportunity. So I can't regret that I supported, however, on the other hand, everything that happened after that for five years - this was a very tragic thing for me," the Prime Minister confessed. 


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