If the presidential elections were held this Sunday, the candidate rating would look like this: Yanukovych - 32.7%, Tymoshenko 18.8%, Yushchenko 9.5%, Yatseniuk - 8.5%, Tihipko - 8.0%, Lytvyn - 6.0%, Tyahnybok - 3.9%, Hrytsenko - 2.1%, Moroz - 1.6%, Kostenko - 1.3 (other candidate - 1.7%), shows a survey conducted by the National Institute for Strategic Studies (NISS), NRCU reported.

Commenting on this rating, NISS director Yuriy Ruban has concluded that 'Yanukovych's rating is slightly rising'. "The rating of Tymoshenko has been actually sleeping for a long time," he said. Ruban called 'a great phenomenon' the third spot for incumbent President Yushchenko.

A total of 39.6% of pollees said they already know a politician 'able to be a good head of state and they will vote only for him'. At the same time, 20.8% of respondents said there is no candidate who could suit them and they will vote based on the principle 'the best of the worst'. 

The opinion poll was conducted in all Ukrainian regions, Crimea and Kyiv with 2,010 respondents. The Voting Day is January 17, 2010.


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