President Viktor Yushchenko will demand urgent changes in the leadership of law enforcement authorities and will sign the appropriate suggestions later today, he said at the meeting on fighting corruption with Deputy Chief of Staff, Representative of the President of Ukraine on monitoring the activities of the Security Service of Ukraine Petro Shatkovsky, Acting Prosecutor General of Ukraine Serhiy Vynokurov, Chairman of the Security Service Valentyn Nalyvaychenko, Deputy Minister of Justice Leonid Efimenko, Acting Chairman of State Customs Service Oleksandr Mukhin and President of the Accounting Chamber Valentyn Symonenko.

Yushchenko stressed that Ukraine’s Corruption Perceptions Index rank has fallen in recent years from 99 in 2006 to 146 in 2009. According to him, for the first time in five years, during the ten months of this year the number of exposed corruption offenses has fallen by 13.9%.

The President accused the law-enforcement authorities of simulating fighting corruption. "I would say that you are talentless ministers and heads of departments. With your work and incompetence you humiliate the entire nation", said Victor Yushchenko. The President noted that 46 million Ukrainians expect them to deal effectively with corruption, but these officials are unable to justify hopes of these people, "because they lack professionalism in leading this struggle."

Today, he said, corruption in the country begins "with the highest state officials”. "That is why I am talking about Ministers, sometimes one, at other times the other, that is why I am talking about the Government – in every other state the fight against corruption is conducted by the Government. How can this fight be carried out in Ukraine when 22% criminal cases against police officers and 25% of cases against customs officials are closed?", said Yushchenko.

Separately the President urged the Prosecutor General’s Office to take necessary criminal and procedural measures to stir up the investigation of the most scandalous criminal cases, such as crimes of Zvarych, Lozynsky, Pukach, Bakay, Bodelan and others. The society is tired of waiting for the results in these investigations, he said.

The President also instructed the Security Service to verify information on BYuT’s plans to bribe members of district election commissions. Victor Yushchenko said that from the beginning of the presidential campaign he has been receiving information that BYuT is developing a new system for the promotion of members of election commissions.

In particular, according to the President, BYuT representatives have promised that if Yulia Tymoshenko takes first place at a given district commission, its member, who ensured this first place, would be included first in BYuT party lists at local elections planned for spring 2010. "It is a threat to Ukrainian democracy and I request the Security Service to organize verification of this information", said Yushchenko, president's press office reported.

The President also requested the co-chairs the Interagency Working Group on Combating Corruption to prepare reports on how every relevant Office was fighting corruption in 2009 the 5 days term. He also instructed the NSDC Secretary to conclude the work on establishment of the Anti-Corruption Coordinating Council.


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