President Viktor Yushchenko is calling the Russian party to drift away from the policy of groundless statements about demarcation of the common border and make practical steps to set up a joint demarcation commission and launch delimitation as soon as possible, President's press secretary Iryna Vannykova said. 

In her words, the head of state believes that delay in demarcation of the Ukraine-Russia border is yet inadmissible. As on the one hand, we could hear the statements about absence of the need for the boundaries among the sister nations, and on the other hand a weapon is applied to representatives of the sister nation, Yushchenko underlines reminding about a recent incident on the Ukraine-Russia border with Russian border guards opening fire at a Ukrainian citizens and killing him. 

According to Vannykova, the Ukrainian President noted that the Ukraine-Russia border is traditionally seen by the two states' citizens as a border of friendship and peace with close economic, social and cultural relations between the people of Ukraine and Russia. However, the cases of applying firearms by the Russian side on the common border have lately become rather common. This, Yushchenko believes, causes a significant concern, Vannykova underscored. 

She also added that the head of state called on Russia to conduct timely and objective investigation into the case, UKRINFORM reported.


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