Tonight the AN-12 cargo plane from Switzerland has arrived at Boryspil airport bringing antiviral drug Tamiflu to Ukraine, presidential press office reported. Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, President’s Chief of Staff Vira Ulyanchenko and Foreign Minister Petro Poroshenko have come to the airport to meet the cargo.

"The President of Ukraine highly appreciates the rapid implementation of his and NSDC’s instructions to get assistance to Ukraine in the fight against flu epidemics by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs", said President’s Chief of Staff Vira Ulyanchenko. On behalf of the Head of State, she expressed appreciation to Minister of Foreign Affairs for the efficient work. "I would like to congratulate Ukraine on the fact that the goods which we really need were delivered in such a short period of time", said Vira Ulyanchenko.

Chief of President’s Staff expressed hope that today’s arrival of cargo is only the first step in providing effective assistance to Ukraine in the fight against the epidemic.

Vira Ulyanchenko also reminded that today President Victor Yushchenko appealed for assistance to Ukraine to the President of the European Commission, NATO Secretary General, leaders of Belarus, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, the United States and Hungary.

According to her some humanitarian aid, such as mask, has already been delivered in Lviv region in within the framework of cooperation between this region and some regions of Poland. "We hope that we will see such steps made by our other friends", said Vira Ulyanchenko.

The Chief of Staff also thanked Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd for providing Ukraine with Tamiflu for such a low price (67 hryvnyas per pack) and emphasized that any speculative selling of the drug is unacceptable (the drugs delivered today will be distributed exclusively in hospitals).


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