The Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers has passed a national plan to improve tax administration.

According to a government resolution, it is planned to improve the control and checkup work, UKRINFORM reports.

The document foresees a periodical review of the risk criteria for the activity of taxpayers that are being used during the planning of checks, with the goal of improving the tax administration system and ensuring a proper response to new risks emerging during the economic crisis.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) earlier demanded that the Ukrainian government improve tax collection as part of a program on the allocation to Ukraine of a stand-by loan of USD 16.4 billion.

An IMF mission is currently working in Ukraine. Following its work, a decision will be taken on the possible provision to Ukraine of USD 3.7 billion worth of the next tranche of the stand-by loan.

The IMF approved the Stand-By Arrangement with Ukraine in November 2008 in an amount equivalent to about USD 16.4 billion, and allocated the first disbursement of USD 4.5 billion.

On May 12, 2009 Ukraine received the second tranche worth USD 2.8 billion. The third tranche amounted to USD 3.3 billion.


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