Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko is convinced that the agreements to the effect that Russia's Gazprom would not fine Naftogaz of Ukraine for taking less natural gas than it is stated in the contract will be documented at the end of the current year.

She expressed this confidence during news briefing in Lutsk, having referred to her accord with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. "There is a firm agreement with the Russian Prime Minister.  We have agreed that at the end of the year we will draw up annual acts to document everything officially," Tymoshenko said, National radio reported.

At the same time, Tymoshenko emphasized that over the past few days Russia has been sharpening gas problems. "It is unpleasant to me that political tensions continue over the gas issue without any grounds," she emphasized.

As reported, on October 12, State Duma Vice Speaker and President of the Russian Gas Society Valery Yazev said that at the end of the year Russia might raise the question of incurring fines on Ukraine for not getting the full amount of gas contracted for 2009. I

n September 2009, Tymoshenko and Putin agreed that Ukraine pays only for the gas really supplied. This year Ukraine plans to buy 33 billion cubic meters of gas instead of 40 billion cubic meters contracted in early 2009.


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