In 2010 Ukraine will purchase less gas than in 2009, Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko has told the press commenting on the statement of Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller saying that Gazprom will not reduce the volumes of gas supplies to Ukraine in 2010, National radio reported.
Tymoshenko underlined that under the long-term gas deal brokered between Naftogaz and Gazprom Ukraine is entitled to order the gas volume it needs for the next year. In addition, the document also envisages the possibility of a 20% deviation form the volume, both upwards and downwards.
"So, don't react to aggressive statements. Next year, we'll buy the volume of gas that Ukraine needs. This will be less than in 2009, as we are cutting consumption of natural gas replacing it by other sources - electricity, coal, peat," the Prime Minister underscored.
She also said that Ukraine timely pays for the gas it purchases from Gazprom.Alexei Miller, the chairman of the board of directors of the Russian gas monopoly, said today at the 24th World Gas Conference in Buenos Aires that his company will not reduce the volumes of gas deliveries to Ukraine in 2010.
"Let Ukraine fulfill the contractual commitments. What is written in the contract - so be it," Miller stressed adding that Gazprom is not going to revise the contract terms.
According to him, Ukraine has significant gold and forex reserves; besides, Ukraine received the IMF loans that had been given based on the need for the purchase of Russian gas.
Earlier, Tymoshenko said that Ukraine was planning to import 25 billion cu. m. of Russian gas in 2010. This is half as much than the gas contract 2009-2019 envisages. The gas supply agrement for 2010 provides for the import of 52 billion cu. m. of gas with the possibility of a 20% cut in supplies to 42 billion cu. m.

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