President Viktor Yushchenko met with shareholders and lenders of Ukrprombank and Nadra bank with participation of temporary administrators of these banks, National Bank representatives, law enforcement and judicial authorities, president's press office informed.

The meeting gathered major borrowers of the two banks, which accounted for the principal amount of the problem debt (citizens’ deposits in the two banks estimate at 15.4 billion hryvnyas, while the debt of the abovementioned borrowers is 11.2 bln. thus covering about 73% of obligations to the citizens. 

"For the banks to pay the investors every one of you must pay off the loan. And now we live in circumstances, when some of the borrowers resort to manipulation", said the President.

Yushchenko suggested that the National Bank in person of temporary administrators to negotiate with all the unscrupulous lenders within the next 5 days a compromise on satisfaction of debt, including through the restructuring of debts to the bank or satisfaction with property. "The result of these negotiations should be a timetable for repayment of loans for all major borrowers", he said.

At the same time he warned of strict liability of the borrowers, who would not agree to this proposal and in fact continue destroying the banks depriving them of the opportunity to return depositors their savings.

Therefore in order to correct the situation the President instructed the Prosecutor General’s Office to create a working group with representatives of the temporary administrators of banks, National Bank, Security Service and Ministry of Justice. This working group would make registries of all cases against unscrupulous borrowers.

According to a separate order of the President, the National Bank shall immediately inform the public and the banking community on a list of unscrupulous individuals, companies and their directors and shareholders with the recommendation to refrain from cooperation with them. The National Bank also would ensure that any bank, which has provided a loan to such persons, formed a pool of 100% of the loan. "I do not want a national bank or the state to be responsible in any way for such clients", the President said.


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