The Desniansky District Court in the city of Kyiv sustained a plaintiff’s claim filed by Yuri Sidorenko against the Holding Company Blitz-Inform and the weekly newspaper Business. The court declared that the information published about the plaintiff in the Business was untrue. 

On September 18, 2009, the Desniansky District Court in the city of Kyiv sustained a claim filed by Yuri Sidorenko, the Chairman of the Advisory Council of the EDAPS Consortium, against the Holding Company Blitz-Inform CJSC—more precisely, against its structural unit, the weekly publication Business (owner – Sergei Melnichuk). 

The main point of the lawsuit by Yuri Sidorenko was the claim to disprove the untruthful information spread by the Business and to receive compensation for moral injury caused by the defamatory statement. 

The Desniansky District Court admitted that the Business spread false information and ordered it to publish a retraction in the next issue. 

The court decision also obligated Blitz-Inform to pay the plaintiff compensation of 6,6 mln UAH (Ukrainian hryvnas) for moral injury inflicted and for damage to his business reputation. 

Moreover, the court admitted that the publication infringed upon the non-property rights of the plaintiff having disclosed his personal data and using his photo for a photomontage. 

This is the second lawsuit lost by Blitz-Inform and the Business that related to one and the same publication. In the beginning of June 2009, the Supreme Court of Ukraine dismissed an appeal filed by the Holding Company Blitz-Inform CJSC. Blitz-Inform submitted the appeal after it lost quite a number of court cases against the EDAPS Consortium. 

The EDAPS Consortium had to file a claim in court for non-pecuniary loss. EDAPS claimed for the protection of the company’s business reputation, the acknowledgement and retraction of the statement published in the Business as the newspaper spread false information about the EDAPS Consortium and Yuri Sidorenko, the Chairman of the Advisory Council. In the opinion of the EDAPS Consortium, the publication inflicted damage to the business reputation of the company.  

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