During his speech at the 64th session of the UN General Assembly president Viktor Yushchenko paid attention to the world financial crises and pointed out that we face manifold challenges that we can resolve only by concerted efforts.

“I am convinced that one of the most acute problems for all of us is the global financial crisis. Ukraine welcomes decisions of multilateral fora, in particularly those of the Group of 20 as the leading instrument to counter the crisis,” he said.

President pointed out that perhaps, it is time to revisit the idea previously expressed by Ukraine and recently by a number of other countries.

“I mean creation of the UN Economic Security Council. The large scale of this proposal should not prompt us to shelve it or reject altogether.

Besides, decisions on the financing of UN activities within regular reviews of the scale of assessments, too, have to be taken with due account of the global crisis.

The principal and most important objective for our Universal Organization and for each of our countries is to protect common people from the crisis and to prevent the decline of their living standards.

Despite all the economic difficulties, Ukraine is aware of its responsibility to support other countries that have suffered even more,” he said.

This year Ukraine has become a donor of the UN World Food Program.

“We hope that our contribution will save millions of lives in Africa. Ukraine understands very well your needs, dear partners, and we shall strive to save people suffering from hunger,” he added.


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