Speaking at the UN session in New York, president Viktor Yushchenko congratulated His Excellency Mr. Ali Abdussalam Treki, representative of Libya, on his election as President of the 64th session of the UN General Assembly, president's press office reported.

After the congratulations Yushchenko started his speech with presenting national views “on the life of the planet and its peoples.”

“The emotional setting of Ukraine is open, principled and tolerant. We have gathered here not to offend each other or emphasize insults. We are here to resolve common problems.I call upon all of us to use tolerance against bigotry, malignance and arrogance. I am telling this on behalf of the nation whose last lustrum is unique in terms of challenges and progress. We in Ukraine live in the atmosphere of strengthening freedom,” he said.

The president stressed once again that Ukraine’s democratic choice is irreversible.

“As a free nation, we shall not accept any forms of interference into internal affairs of sovereign states, any pressure on them or manifestations of authoritarian thinking in international relations. We remember the price paid by our fathers for our freedom, for the freedom of Europe and the world, for the future independence of Ukraine,” he said.

According to Yushchenko the mission of all countries which remember the horrors of the fascism is to avert a single hint at restoration of totalitarian ideology and its derivative: the policy of imperial ambitions, neglecting the value of human life and violating the right of peoples to sovereign national existence.

“I am raising this issue, because we are witnessing very disconcerting reemerged signals from the past: ranging from questioning the very existence of newly independent states to denying the nations' own views on their past and future,” he said.

Yushchenko also expressed concern about substitution of concepts and approaches: cooperation, openness and friendship among nations are being explicitly confronted by aggressive national egotism, ignoring the interests of close partners, and by dictating the right of the powerful.

“Unconcealed information wars, energy and economic blackmail, interference with sovereign affaires fall outside the civilized framework.

And, most importantly, we strongly condemn and we shall not accept any violations of the fundamental international principles, in particular territorial integrity and inviolability of frontiers of all sovereign states,” he said.


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