Police in Spain arrested a suspect of murder of Crimea’s vice premier Oleksandr Safontsev, AFP reports today.

According to AFP, a citizen of Ukraine Oleg Yeremeev, 33 was arrested yesterday, on September 10 in Las Palmas city, the administrative center of island in Spain Gran-Canaria. The native of Kerch is suspected of being the principal of contract murder of Oleksandr Safontsev on February 5 1998.

According to Ukraine’s investigators, Yeremeev put a bomb with remote control into the refuse bin at Tavria tourist camp near Simferopil. As a result of explosion, Oleksandr Safontsev was severely injured and later died in hospital.

According to AFP with reference to Interpol, Oleg Yeremeev had been in the international wanted list for a few years. He managed to avoid arrests because all the time he had been changing his location, particularly, he worked as a seaman at the different merchant ships.

It was announced about detection of the high-profile case in 2005 in Ukraine. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine claimed that a criminal group from Kerch had organized the murdering of vice premier of Crimea. 20 people involved in the case had been detained. Three of them were convicted. At that time investigators in Ukraine claimed they knew paymasters, UNIAN reports.


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