The Government furthers work directed to support of small and average business. The Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko announced during the hotline dedicated to considering problem issues of entrepreneurs.

Yulia Tymoshenko emphasized that cooperation between the Government and entrepreneurs had significantly intensified after the Cabinet of Minister set up the Entrepreneurs’ Council under chairmanship of Oxana Prodan and after Olexandra Kuzhel was appointed as head of the State Committee for Entrepreneurship and Regulatory Policy: “These are two leaders who make necessary for entrepreneurs activity: they submit a block of immediate normative acts, resolutions, draft laws regulating these or those problems of entrepreneurship domain for every session of the Government”.

The Prime Minister noted that just owing to such work a problem of issuing of acts of land use had been solved. At this, Yulia Tymoshenko added during tomorrow’s meeting the Gov’t is to approve the final decision on financing of this large-scale program “so that to have chance to issue acts for land use to 6.5 million citizens by the end of year”. “On Friday I will gather all without exception leaders of a system of State Land Committee and land cadastre and I will take this problem to its logical end,” the Prime Minister promised.

Furthermore, the Head of Government noted that within nearest weeks she would assemble a meeting with entrepreneurs of all levels in order to form a special action plan directed to regulation of issues emerging in the process of their activity: “I’m into elaboration of a huge meeting with such people who will be representing every market line in Ukraine”. Besides, Yulia Tymoshenko empowered the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers to ready a meeting with representatives of pharmaceutical branch for the following week.

The Prime Minister thanked to entrepreneurs for they timely paying of all taxes in this hard period. “If to speak about people fighting against the crisis everyone from small to big entrepreneur is really fighting against it,” Yulia Tymoshenko underlined.

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