President Viktor Yushchenko gave interview to the German magazine Der Spiegel, presidential press office reported.

The President noted that for the last five years Ukraine has been following the path of democracy, which it will never abandon.

He said that development of our country and implementation of strategic objectives is impossible without strengthening democratic processes and establishing an effective system of governance. The basic condition for this, Yushchenko is convinced, is the constitutional reform.

“We need constitutional reform that would provide instruments to stabilize the political situation, including concerning the activities of the Ukrainian Parliament and its formation based on constitutional requirements,” said Yushchenko.

The President also answers questions about Ukrainian-Russian relations. In particular he explained conditions Russia’s Black Sea Fleet stay in Ukraine and the situation with supplies and transit of gas.

Making comments on the opposition of Russia towards Ukraine’s aspiration to join NATO  Yushchenko repeated that today the model of collective security is “the only guaranty of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity”.

“In my opinion, for Europe it is important too that the policy of security and stability was moving further east,” said Yushchenko.


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