Today press conference “Devaluation of the national currency: Who is responsible? What to do?” took place in Kyiv, the ForUm’s correspondent informs.

The participants of the press conference director of Institute of economic researches and political consultation Ihor Burakovskyi and director of the Institute of society transformation Oleh Soskin expressed their opinion concerning possible default in Ukraine.

According to Oleh Soskin, there will be no “external default in Ukraine”.

But there will be domestic default; it means that the obligations on pensions, salaries, payments for gas will not be fulfilled, because most of local budgets de facto are bankrupts for today.

But Ihor Burakovskyi did not agree with his colleague.

“I do not share pessimistic forecast of my colleague. It seems to me that for today economy of Ukraine reached the very bottom and now we have just another character of the problems which should be solved,” he said.

According to Burakovskyi, “every stage of economy development needs its personal economy policy.”

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