Despite Ukrainians are called to “make love” and increase the population of Ukraine, Ukraine loses its population every ear. According to the forecasts of the experts, with such tendency by 2050 there will be 35 million people in Ukraine. It is very horrible. Any economic crisis does not threaten more than this statistics.. However, according to demographer Ella Libanova, the very crisis may cause real baby-boom in Ukraine!

Director of Demography and social researches Institute Ella Libanova told ForUm’s correspondent in an interview how to improve demographic situation in the country.

- How can the demographic situation be changed?

- It is necessary to form the public opinion. But it is very difficult, and the desired result has not been achieved in any country.

- Can Ukrainian State do something to help raise birth rate? For example, to increase the payment for the birth of a child?

- There is no dispute that it should be done, but it does not solve the problem. Birth rate in Ukraine has started to rise since 2002, by the way in Europe - since 2001, and the high payments were introduced only in 2005. And in 2005-2006 these payments did not affect greatly at the birth rate.

- And how does Europe cope with similar problems?
- It is not so easy. Different help, benefits, payments are introduced, but they do not significantly increase the level of birth rate.
- When Ukrainians prefer to have children, and what age for this ideal?

- In Ukraine - 22-24 years, although according to doctors, it is late.

- When do women prefer to have a child in Europe?

- They give birth in 30-35 years. But it much depends on lifestyle and quality of medicine.

- It's no secret that the Ukrainians are not the healthiest nation in the world ...
- It's true. I will say even more: Ukraine has the highest mortality in Europe after Russia.

- Does it affect the demographic situation? Has improved or not?
- Speaking about birth rate - it has improved, if speaking about mortality – then it got worse.

Now, young people are joking that if during the crisis they can not be engaged in production of goods and services, you should do “production” of children. People have real problems with work, income, and now the state offers a stable large sum of money – benefit for every child in the family. If the family does not want to have a child, it is unlikely they will change their decision. But if families hesitated, the benefit may outweigh the scales.

- If in Ukraine things are so bad with birth, aging nation, the unhealthy lifestyle what should we expect in 50 years?

- If you predict the absence of revolutionary changes, it is most likely by 2050 Ukraine will have 35-36 million people. But the country in central Europe, with an excellent climate, with good natural conditions will be attractive for immigrants.


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