Russian politician and oppositionist Boris Nemtsov considers that address of the Russian President Dmitriy Medvedev to the Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko is quite strange. He said that in an interview to the ForUm’s correspondent.

“Presidents try not to write open letters. Such open letters are usually written by authors, poets, oppositionists, public figures in order to attract attention to the problems. But president use other instruments. Moreover they do not use video blogs. These are somehow kids toys! I am not against of video blogs. But one thing is Boris Nemtsov – the opposition leader, and the other thing is the President. Therefore I was astonished by the form of Medvedev’s address.,” he said.

Nemtsov explains such behavior of Medvedev as some big PR action, aimed both at Russian and Ukrainian audience.

According to Nemtsov, both presidents should not send letters to each other, but to meet and discuss all problems.

He also said that there would no war between Ukraine and Russia. “Because Putin and Medvedev are very weak, they can’t anything, they even could not settle conflict with Georgia. But Ukraine is a huge country – so they are not up to it,” the politician explained.


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