The Bloc of Yulia Tymoshenko and the Party of Regions are planning to implement their scenario for the distribution of power as a result of the presidential elections in Ukraine, said MP Andriy Parubiy, member of the pro-Yuschenko Our Ukraine's political council, Kyiv Post reported.

"[Prime Minister Yulia] Tymoshenko knows that she will lose to [Regions Party leader Viktor Yanukovych] in the second round of the elections, and as a result of the agreements will get the post of the premier and a broad coalition in the parliament. Thus, the Party of Regions and the BYT want to realize a scenario of distributing power between the two political forces, which are equally loyal to the Kremlin's policies," the Our Ukraine's press service quoted the MP as saying on Monday.

According to Parubiy, the parliament's special session slated for August 21 is targeted at dragging the law on the presidential elections through the parliament.

"The Bloc of Yulia Tymoshenko, apprehending that [Ukrainian President] Viktor Yuschenko will veto the law, wants to return to its consideration on Friday and override the veto together with the Party of Regions. They do not bother about the presidential warnings, they have the only objective – to hold the elections according to their secret agreements," the MP said.


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