The Gov’t has elaborated and implements 15 anti-crisis programs. The Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko announced during a ceremony of handing over vouchers for flats in Boyarka town to MIA employees, government portal reported.

“The Government is making anti-crisis program in every branch and in every direction,” Yulia Tymoshenko stressed. She underlined the bail-out program in the banking sector is being implemented successfully. So, the clients of the nationalized by the Government Rodovid Bank are receiving their deposits.

“I wish to show with this program that there is at least one power branch in the country which can give certain guarantees to people and to fulfill these guarantees,” the Prime Minister emphasized.

According to Yulia Tymoshenko, through the last four months growth of industrial output has been observed in Ukraine: “For the four months already we are trying to get out of this crisis persistently and this month we have demonstrated growth of amounts of production in the most problem branch – mining and metallurgic, the Government had put rather huge resources into”.

“Despite all the dirt poured in this awful politics we are getting out of the problem step by step and turn stronger, as we are modernizing a huge number of capacities,” Yulia Tymoshenko explained and added the Gov’t which has been at power for only 1.5 years laid a steady fundament so that year after year “to make the country more powerful”.


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