President Viktor Yuschenko is again ready to suspend the privatization of the Odesa Portside Plant, Odesa region, he told the Hlas radio company in Odesa on August 6, Ukrainian News reported.

The president said that he had met with the representatives of the Odesa city community, which is concerned over the upcoming privatization of the Odesa Portside Plant.

«We have agreed that all requirements will be submitted to the economic department of the Presidential Secretariat. The requirements to the privatization of this enterprise on the necessity of the ecological examination and others will be brought to the government. If the government ignores these requirements I will suspend the privatization as I did two years ago,» Yuschenko said.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, the president has several times suspended the attempts to privatize the Odesa Portside Plant.

On August 6, Yuschenko visited Odesa region.


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