The leader of the Party of Regions Viktor Yanukovych has already started preparation for presidential election 2010. One of his steps is to show the people that he is concerned about them. The name of the action is "Viktor Yanukovych hears everyone", the purpose of the action is to understand people’s opinion in order to improve living standards by actions not words, ForUm's correspondent informs, referring to information publicized on PR website.

So now people are offered to submit their suggestions to the PR leader website at "I hear everyone" section  or to the Party of Regions web-site  at "I hear everyone" section. Or people can visit  Party of Regions regional affiliates web-sites.

Written suggestions marked "I hear everyone" can be submitted to the Party of Regions public offices which work in every town, district and region.
Maybe intentions of Yanukovych or his team are good, time will show, but there is a question how people can apply or submit their propositions or requests on improvement of living wage to Yanukovych via the Internet, if not everyone, "whom Yanukovych wants to hear", has PC and access to the Internet. It seems that Yulia Tymoshenko's phone hot lines are much effective at least because they are aimed at all people.

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