Today deputy head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Grigory Karasin accused Ukraine of unfriendly position of Kyiv about supply of arms to Georgia towards Russia.

“We know countries and firms that are selling arms to Tbilisi. We collect information about its activity. Ukraine is among the most active countries”, he claimed.

According to Grigoriy Karasin, Moscow “has a frank conversation with Kyiv about it”. The deputy Minister states “some other countries arm Tbilisi actively”. “We will continue to talk about our concern in the bilateral contacts with their spokesmen”, the high-ranking diplomat stressed. “We reserve the right to restrict bilateral military and technical cooperation with those states where enterprises and organizations supply Georgia with military production”, Grigoriy Karasin underlined.

“Russia will behave adequately and suppress supply of Georgia with arms”, Korrespondent cites him as saying. “We are taking economic measures against countries or some foreign companies which supply arms and military equipment to Georgia taking into consideration our bilateral relations”, the Russian high-ranking statesman warned.
Source: MIGnews

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