Viktor Yushchenko has vetoed a law that envisages allocation of around UAH 10 billion for preparation to Euro-2012. The law was approved in the Rada by almost 400 deputies with consolidated support of coalition and opposition, government portal reported.

I have to establish with pity: resistance of the head of state to holding of Euro-2012 bears cruel character towards Ukraine and suspicion arises that breakdown of the championship has become essential and rather unfair technology for Viktor Yushchenko in fight against me as an opponent at coming presidential elections.

Unfortunately, vetoing of anti-crisis laws and blocking of anti-crisis ordinances of the Government has become a tradition, daily rule for the President. Certainly, one can fight against his opponents but to hit the country at this is impossible!

I am convinced despite confrontation of Yushchenko the veto on Euro-2012 law will be overcome, money allocated and the Championship will be held in Ukraine and will be successful.


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