Specialists have registered the reduction of forests in Kyiv over the past ten years, Kyiv Post reported, referring to Interfax-Ukraine.

"Over the past ten years a distressing trend of forests reduction have been seen," the deputy of the head of the Kyiv state environment protection department, Ihor Scherbak, said at an enlarged meeting of the Kyiv city state administration's board on Friday.

He said that according to the land cadastre, the total area of Kyiv accounts for 83,600 hectares, including 36,100 hectares of forests registered in 2000, and 36,000 hectares of forests recorded in 2005. As of January 1,2008, a total of 35,900 hectares of forests was registered and as of January 1, 2009 - 35,469 hectares.

"Over the whole period, the Forest Park Economy municipal company of Kyivzelenbud municipal organization uses forestry in line with forest management materials of the previous years, having no instrumental surveys of outer boundaries and land-marks," Scherbak said.

"Survey grid stationing started in 2005, but few money are provided for the work, and it goes ahead very slowly," he said.

Scherbak said that Kyivzelenbud over the past ten years asked Kyiv city state administration to define the outer boundaries of forest park areas and issue state acts on the use of the areas.

"The absence of outer boundaries and state acts for their use has led to a cut in the size of Kyivzelenbud's forest areas," he said.

Acting head of Kyiv city state administration, Anatoliy Holubchenko, said that the lost of around 1,000 hectares of land is not a threat to Kyiv city.

However, he said that the forests should be planted.

In particular, Holubchenko said that forest could be planted on the restored construction materials waste dump six located in Pirohovo, which exploitation term has expired.

He said that the area of the dump is around 30 hectares.

Holubchenko said that it would take five or six years to restore the dump land.


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