«I consider that this very significant visit will unite Ukrainian people, will unite orthodoxy. It signifies that new, good times are coming», - Viktor Yanukovych told journalists on July, 28 at Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra in the capital of Ukraine, where Patriarch Kirill conducted a Divine Liturgy.

«Patriarch Kirill is a prominent figure of the Church, who is known far outside traditional territories of the Orthodox Church in the whole world. His visit is invaluable for the unification of Ukraine, which is what we all have long dreamt about».

«It is impossible to build a strong state without faith,» - the Party of Regions Leader underlined.

On July, 29 the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church visited Svyato-Uspensk Svyatogorsk Lavra in Donetsk (Eastern Ukraine).

About 20 thousand pilgrims arrived at Lavra to be present at festive Divine Liturgy (the Saint Church marks the holiday of the Svyatogorsk Divine God Mother icon) which Patriarch Kirill will conduct.

It was the Party of Regions Leader Viktor Yanukovych who helped in the renewal of Svyato-Uspensk Svyatogorsk monastery which in 2004 received a status of Lavra.

The arrival of Viktor Yanukovych at Lavra was greeted with applause. People welcomed Viktor Yanukovych warmly. Many of them know well what an enormous endowment he has made in the renewal of this sacred Orthodox Church, and how much he has done for the revival of churches and monasteries in Donetsk region and around Ukraine.

Talking with the Party of Regions Leader, people said that only he can rescue Ukraine. «We trust you only,” – the people at the monastery told him.

At the request of journalists, the Party of Regions Leader, who is accompanying His Holiness the Patriarch, told about the history of renewal of this sacred monastery.

In particular, he marked that the renewal of Svyatogorsk monastery started from benediction of Father Zosima. According to Viktor Yanukovych, Father Zosima blessed Slavyanogorsk city to be renamed Svyatogorsk, and that in the place of former Artem sanatorium Svyatogorsk monastery should be restored. A great number of people united around this benediction and collected funds for restoring Svyatogorsk monastery.

«I fully agree with the words of Patriarch Kirill who declared that if this monastery was not needed by people, and not only by believers, it would never have been recovered. Those who took part in the monastery renewal, did it with love», - Viktor Yanukovych underlined.

The Party of Regions Leader also stated that Svyato-Uspensk Svyatogorsk Lavra will serve for the unity of Ukrainian people, and said that being here at Lavra, he met many pilgrims from Western and Central areas of Ukraine. In addition, according to him, a lot of pilgrims arrived at Lavra from Russia, in particular, from the Belgorod, Voronezh and Kursk areas.

«It shows the unity of Orthodox church and unity of Slavic people», - Viktor Yanukovych said.
Source: Party of Regions press service

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