The Russian Navy's commander on Sunday confirmed that the reasons for incidents in Sevastopol this month in which Ukrainian police stopped vehicles belonging to the Russian Black Sea Fleet, which has one of its bases in the Ukrainian city, had included offenses by the fleet, Kyiv Post reported.

Adm. Vladimir Vysotsky told reporters an investigation would be carried out on Monday. On three occasions, Ukrainian police had detained trucks carrying missiles. In one more incident, a group of armored personnel carriers was detained.

"First of all, there are two things we need to realize. There is an agreement that both sides must comply with meticulously. I admit that the Russian side has committed offenses on some points," Vysotsky said.

"At the end of the day, we must clearly understand that, if we want to coexist in carrying out serious tasks, the agreement must be complied with. That is one part of the issue," he said.

"The office of commander in chief of the Navy of the Russian Federation will investigate this situation. We will carry out an investigation as early as on Monday. If we find out those who are to blame they will be punished," the admiral said.


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