The oppositional Party of Regions insists on increasing wages and pensions for the poorest, and is ready to vote for the presidential election law that would make falsifications impossible. Party of Regions leader Viktor Yanukovych published this statement on the party's official website.

"The Party of Regions once again addressed the ruling coalition with the demand not to drag feet on voting for wage and pension increase for the poorest citizens," the statement reads.

Yanukovych says that one of the guarantees of impossibility of election rigging is exclusion of the legal norm on the possibility of voting at home.

The opposition leader also insists on abolition of the practice of voting with absentee ballots and return to the number of constituencies depending on the number of voters.

"To create equal conditions for all candidates concerning their representation at electoral commissions - two delegates from each. To increase monetary deposits of presidential candidates so as to prevent application of the so-called technical candidate practice," the statement reads.

Yanukovych also says the new wording of the law will essentially cut national budget spending on presidential elections.

"The Party of Regions stands for adoption of a law that would give a chance to hold fair and transparent presidential elections, whose outcome would reflect the real will of people," Yanukovych emphasized.
Source: UkrInform

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