Yesterday the Party of Regions leader Viktor Yanukovych met with US Vice President Joseph Biden at Hyatt hotel in Kyiv. The meeting lasted for almost one hour. After it the opposition leader held a briefing for media representatives.
According to Viktor Yanukovych, during the meeting with US Vice President Joseph Biden they discussed the issues of the current state of Ukraine’s economy, enhancement of affairs with the IMF, problems of democracy progress, and certainly the upcoming presidential elections in Ukraine.
In the conversation with Joseph Biden the opposition leader has pointed out that he as the Head of Ukraine’s largest political party “wants the elections be fair and transparent”.
With that said, Viktor Yanukovych has stressed that he is also interested in seeing the US observers in Ukraine during the elections. In his opinion, it would put all candidates in equal terms.
During the meeting they also discussed the issues concerning Ukraine’s energy security. According to Viktor Yanukovych, Ukraine will develop transparent relations with all its strategic partners – both with Russia and the European Union. “Ukraine as a transit country is interested in our gas transport system working efficiently and being upgraded in the immediate future. But this requires investment both from Russia and the EU. They can be partners in this issue”.

Viktor Yanukovych has underlined that the creation of an international consortium is topical for today and it can be considered. “But the terms should be elaborated in the mutually beneficial way”, he noted.

US Vice President Joseph Biden inquired the Party of Regions leader about his position on the possibility of reaching a compromise among Ukraine’s political forces. Viktor Yanukovych replied that “strong politicians and strong people always look for a compromise and get it”.

Answering the question about his impression of the meeting with US Vice President, the Party of Regions leader pointed out that Joseph Biden produced an impression on him as a modern politician “of very broad views and a very interesting person to talk to”.

The Party of Regions Press Service


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