The government will introduce necessary norms that were included in the draft Budget Code vetoed by the president directly into the law on the 2010 budget, Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko said yesterday during a briefing, ForUm informs, referring to Yulia Tymoshenko press servcie.

According to Tymoshenko, they will simultaneously hold talks with the Party of Regions on overriding the president’s veto and gaining parliamentary approval for the changes to the Budget Code.

“This is a great crime by the president against local government. This differs greatly from the promises he made during the elections. This is the step of an intriguer, nor a politician. Everyone understands that the veto is only meant as a means to personally battle me in the elections. I will turn to the Party of Regions and want to believe that at least Viktor Yanukovych and his faction won’t fight with me at the price of local government,” she noted.

As a reminder, yesterday the President Viktor Yushchenko vetoed the new version of the Budget Code that was approved by parliament on June 23. The new version included a formula for transferring funds between the state and more than 12,000 municipal budgets.


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